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Yak Pack – Squid

Squid are some of the most sought after bait along the New England coast in the early spring. They show up in May along the coast of Cape Cod and bring in striped bass and bluefish shortly thereafter. These wooden plugs are designed to target predators that are chasing squid. The pearlescent white under bellies and pink backs with silver flecking are beautifully crafted to replicate the squid that these fish are feeding upon.
1 X ¾ Ounce Baby Popper – Squid Pink
1 X 1 Ounce Zipster – Glow
1 X 1 Ounce Enhanced Tail – Squid Pink
1 X 1 Ounce NeedleFish – Squid Pink
1 X 1.5 Ounce Enhanced Tail – Squid Pink
Value = $52.50

Yak Pack – Squid
Price: $49.00